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African Violet Pots

  Ceramic Self Watering Pots

African Violet & Houseplant Potting Mixes

7 Choices
Potting Mix for African Violets, Houseplants and Bonsai

Clear Plastic Saucers

  11 Choices
clear plastic saucers

Fertilizer & Supplements

FEED ME! MSU Formula
Orchid Fertilizer

Fungus Gnat Control

BTI, Yellow Sticky Traps & more
Get rid of fungus gnats

Select-A-Blend Mix

   Make Your Own Potting Mix
Make your own Orchid Mixes

Pest Control

Natural Pest Control
Natural Pest Control

Watering Tools

  Watering Cans and Misters
watering cans

Humidity Trays

  Back in Black! - Humidi Grow™ Trays
humidity trays

Plastic Pots

  57 Unique Plastic Pots
orchid pots

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Potting Media

   62 Potting Medium Choices
Potting Mediums

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We make our potting mixes the old fashioned way -- no "secret ingredients", just the highest quality and finest media that can be had, and we tell you exactly what goes in to every one of our mixes. Would you have it any other way?

That's the way we do business too, no surprises, just impeccable service, lightning fast responsiveness and checking back with you on every order to make sure you are delighted with what you received. We treat you the same way we want to be treated. We treat your plants the same way, as we treat our own.

We deliver promptly to your door by Fed-Ex at affordable rates with tracking for your convenience.

We strive for happy customers, happy african violets and other prized plants along with first class service coupled with a constant search for the finest potting media and supplies on the planet.